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Academic Regulations

▣ Majors and Minors

■ Double Majors

  ● Eligibility and Application Period
    - Students can apply for a double major from the time they are promoted to the first major department until one semester prior to the graduation semester.
    - Students wishing to pursue a double major apply for the double major through Yonsei Portal Service during the designated period.
    - Each department can select more than half of the applicants for double majors or 30% of the admission quota for each department, whichever is less.
  ● Minimum major credit requirements
    - Double majors are required to complete 36 credits or more of major courses for both majors including required courses.
    - Major course loads may differ depending on the department, and some departments may ask to take additional courses from the general education courses.
  ● Students enrolled in double majors must meet the degree requirement for both major programs, including general education requirements.
  ● Canceling double major
    - Students who wish to withdraw from taking a double major must submit an application for cancellation of a double major to the Academic Support Team of the Office of Academic Affairs until one semester prior to the graduation semester.

■ Minor

    - The minimum major credits required to acquire the minor qualification must be 21 credits or more. Credit requirements for minor may vary depending on the major/department.
    - Students who have met all the minor requirements must apply for a minor qualification when applying for graduation.

■ Change of Major

  ● Applicant’s qualification
    - Students can apply for a change of affiliation from the time they have completed the third semester or more until the second semester of the third year. Students who have completed more than 6 semesters cannot apply for a change of affiliation.
    - Students admitted to the College of Music, Physical Education Department or Sports Industry Studies Department cannot apply for a change of affiliation.
  ● Quota for change of major
    - The quota for which a change of affiliation is permitted shall be less than 110% of the admission quota for each department or major. But change of affiliation to the Department of Education is permitted only within the admission quota.