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Academic Regulations

▣ Credit Acquisition

■ Academic Year and Semesters

     - The academic year at Yonsei University begins on the first day of March and ends on the last day of February.
    - Yonsei University operates on a semester system. The spring and fall semesters are each fifteen to sixteen weeks in length, beginning March 1 and September 1 each. Summer and winter programs supplement the spring and fall semesters.

■ Credits

  ● Credit Hour Value
All undergraduate courses are valued in credit hours. 1 credit is given for every 15 hours (or more) of lectures per semester. However, for a lab or practical training (physical education) course, 1 credit is given for every 30 hours (or more) per semester.
  ● Credit Limit per Semester
    - Credit limit that a student can take per semester differs based on the major.
    - Usually colleges and department with 126 credits of graduation requirement allows 18 credits per semester, and those with 135 or more credits of graduation requirement allows 19 credits per semester.
    - Students in the Linked-Undergraduate-and-Graduate Program, students in the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy are allowed to take up to 24 credits per semester.

■ Course Registration

  ● Course registration takes place online during the announced period prior to the start of a new semester. All students are asked to complete course registration during the designated period through Yonsei Portal Service (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr) unless they are on the leave of absence.
  ● Students who do not register for courses at all until the end of the course add-drop period will be treated as general leave of absence.
  ● When a student who has exhausted his/her leave of absence period does not enroll for any courses by the end of the course add-drop period, the student will be dismissed. Students who are in their first semester after freshmen admission, transfer admission, double-majors for graduate candidate and readmission will be dismissed if they do not register for courses by the end of the course add-drop period.
  ● Taking graduate level courses
    - Third-year or fourth-year undergraduate students are eligible to enroll in graduate school courses for up to 6 credits per semester and up to 12 credits overall.
    - The graduate courses can either be counted toward undergraduate graduation requirements or be reserved for graduate degree requirements, but cannot count toward both degrees.
    - For students admitted in 2022 or thereafter, grades earned from graduate courses will not be considered in computing the GPA if they are applied to the graduate degree requirements. For students admitted in 2021 and before, even if credits from graduate courses are recognized as credits for undergraduate degree requirements, the grades in those courses are not reflected in the GPA calculation.

■ Course Withdrawal

If a student wishes to withdraw from a course after the course add-drop period is over, he/she can apply for withdrawal during the designated period through Yonsei Portal Service.
When a student withdraws from a course, he/she will be exempt from the honor roll for the semester as well as the graduate honor roll.

■ Course Repetition

  ● Restrictions on the Repetition
    - Course Repetition is allowed four times maximum.
  ● Counting grades for repeated courses
    - If a course is repeated using the 4-time opportunity, the previous grade and course credits will be removed from the student's total course credits and GPA even if the latter grade is lower than the previous one.
    - For a failed course (F grade course), a student may repeat the course even if the student has used up all of the 4-time opportunity, but in such case previously received 'F' will not be removed from the GPA. In order to use the 4-time opportunity for removal of previous course credits and grade make sure to check the box for 'Course Repeat' during the course registration and course add/drop period.
    - If a student repeats a course, the highest grade a student can receive is 'A0' (4.0). Students cannot receive 'A+' and only the most recent grade and credits will count toward graduation requirements.
    - Repetition of a course may change the GPA but all the academic warnings will remain in effect.