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Academic Regulations

▣ Tuition Payment

  ● All students are required to pay tuition within the specified period, and students who fail to fulfill the registration requirement will be dismissed.
  ● Students may pay their tuition in full or in two or four installments based on the Tuition Installment Payment Plan. An application for the Tuition Installment Payment Plan must be filed in advance to make installment payments. Installment payments for first semester registration of freshmen admission, re-admission, double-majors for graduate candidate and transfer admission are not accepted.
  ● Undergraduate students with disabilities who are subject to special education and students who register beyond the designated period for respective bachelor's degree program pay tuition based on the number of credits taken according to the following criteria:
    - From 1 credit to 3 credits, 1/6 of full tuition is imposed.
    - From 4 credits to 6 credits, 1/3 of full tuition is imposed.
    - From 7 credits to 9 credits, 1/2 of full tuition is imposed.
    - For 10 credits and above, full tuition is imposed.
    - For non-credit courses, tuition will be decided annually.