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Academic Regulations

▣ Grading System

■ Grading Point

  ● Credit courses are evaluated on a grade point basis while non-credit courses are based on Pass/Non-Pass basis.

Calculated in the Grade Point Average


Not Calculated in the Grade Point Average

































































































  ● The cumulative GPA includes only those courses taken for letter grades (A+ ~ F). A student’s total grade points awarded is calculated by multiplying each assigned grade score by its respective credit hours and then adding all the resulting scores. The student’s cumulative GPA is equal to the total grade points awarded divided by the total number of credit units attempted. In calculating the GPAs, the numbers will be rounded up for decimals extending beyond the hundredths. For example, if the GPA is 3.156, official GPA will be 3.16.
  ● Grades for Transferred Courses
    - Credits accepted for transfer from another institution are included in the total amount of credit applicable to degree requirements, but grades earned in such courses are not recorded on Yonsei transcript, and are not used in computing the cumulative GPA.
    - Grades earned from institutions abroad are not recorded, but grades earned from domestic exchange universities are recorded and reflected in the GPA.
  ● Attendance Requirement
    - Attendance is required of all students. Students who are absent for 1/3 or more of the total class meetings will receive an “F” or “NP” grades regardless of their achievement in the course.

■ Midterm and Final Examinations

  ● If a student misses one of the two regular exams (midterm or final) for a valid reason that the instructor can accept, he/she can file a petition to count maximum 80% of the grades earned from one of the examinations taken, with official documents supporting the reason. One of the following documents will be needed for verification:
    - Official medical certificate issued from the Yonsei Health Service Center for illness
    - Death certificate for a family member's funeral
    - Other documents officially supporting the reason(s)
  ● If a student is enlisting in the military after two thirds of the semester have passed and before the final exam, midterm grade will substitute for the final exam grade.

■ Changes in Grades

  ● All grades are considered final when assigned by an instructor at the end of a term. If a change is necessary, the instructor must certify in writing to the Academic Support Team that a computational or procedural error has occurred in the original assignment of a grade.
  ● A grade cannot be changed as a result of re-evaluation of a student's work, re-examination or a submission of additional work after the end-of-semester grades are awarded.

■ Cheating or Dishonesty

  ● If a student's grade is discovered to have been earned by cheating or dishonesty, the grade will become invalid and further disciplinary actions will be enforced.
  ● Examples of violation of the academic integrity
    - Cheating, giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance, or the giving or receiving of unfair advantage in any form of academic work.
    - Plagiarism, copying the language, structure, ideas, and/or thoughts of another, and adopting those as one's original work.
    - Falsification, statement of untruth, either verbal or written, regarding any circumstances relating to academic work.
    - Attempting any act which if completed would constitute an academic integrity violation as defined above.
  ● In the case of a student who has been suspended from the university for more than one (1) month or subjected to a higher level of disciplinary action for their misconduct prior to the end of the final examination, their enrollment for the whole course of the semester will be canceled. When disciplinary action is taken due to academic dishonesty, the grade of the course shall be "F", but the procedures and standards for the processing of academic dishonesty shall be separately determined.

■ Undergraduate Academic Honors

  ● The university issues a list of its undergraduate honor students at the end of each semester.
  ● The minimum standard for honor roll listing is a 3.75 GPA for the semester, earned in a full-time undergraduate program of not fewer than 15 completed credit hours not including the course credits that a student chooses to be graded S/U.
  ● Criteria for Distinguished Honors, High Honors, and Honors Awards
    - Distinguished honors: Students with a GPA of 4.00/4.30 or higher during the previous semester, and those within the top 1% of the students in their respective grade and field of study/college.
    - High honors: Students with a GPA of 3.75/4.00 or higher during the previous semester, and those within the top 3% of the students in their respective grade and field of study/college.
    - Honors: Students who are qualified for high honors and are within 10% of the students in their respective grade and field of study/college.
  ● Restrictions for Honor Roll: The following students are not eligible for honor roll.
    - Students earned less than 15 credits for the semester
    - Students withdrawn from a course
    - Student received a NP or U grade
    - Students studying beyond the normal semester
    - Students with a history of discipline

■ Transcripts

- Transcripts can be issued online from the Yonsei Portal System. The university will not issue a transcript that reflects only a part of the student's record, nor will it include course titles or grades earned from non-Korean colleges or universities.