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E-3 Research

Types of Visas: E-3 Research

E-3(Research) visa is applicable for an individual who seek to engage in research activities in a research institute or respective college department in Korea.

  • The Applicant: The person himself/herself
  • Where to apply: The embassy of the Republic of Korea or the consulate of the Republic of Korea
  • Required Documents
    • Passport (Photocopy if applying for the certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
    • Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
    • Documents related to the foundation of inviting organization
      (a copy of Business Registration, a copy of certificate acknowledging attachment to corporation)
    • A certificate of degree and career
    • Contract of employment
    • Fee (single-entry visa: $50 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $80 (USD))