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Foreigner Registration

Foreigner Registration

Foreign residents in Korea have to apply for a Foreigner Registration at the Immigration Office within ninety days from the day of their arrival in Korea. However, since a Foreigner Registration is a requirement when applying for most
services in Korea, it is advised that international members at Yonsei have it done as soon as possible. It will be issued about one week after you submit your application.

Required Documents
  • Passport
  • Application form (Available at the Immigration Office)
  • 1 color photograph (3cm x 4cm)
  • Fee (20,000 KRW)
  • Required Documents According to Status
Required Documents
Status Required Document(s)
  • Copy of Yonsei University
  • Business Registration Certificate
Foreign Language Instructor
  • Copy of Yonsei University Business
  • Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Yonsei University
  • Business Registration Certificate
Immigration Offices
Mokdong Office(Gwanak-gu Jurisdictional office)
  • Address: #319-2, Shinjeong 6-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
  • Directions: Take subway line 5, get off at Omokkyo station. Then go out exit # 7 and walk straight ahead for
    approximately 10 minutes.
  • Tel. +82 2 2650 6223
Sejongno Branch Office
  • Address: Hyundai Bldg. #501, Jeokseon-dong Jongno-gu Seoul
  • Directions: Take subway line 3 and get off it at Gyungbok Palace station. Take exit # 6. or subway line 5, get off at Gwanghwa-moon station then go out exit # 1.
  • Tel. +82 2 732 6214~5
Incheon Immigration Office
  • Section Korea Immigration Service
  • Address :1-31, Hangdong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Jurisdiction Incheon (Except Incheon International Airport), Ansan , Bucheon, Gimpo of Gyeonggido (1-31,
    Hangdong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon)
  • Phone number: 1345

It takes approximately 20 business days for the Immigration Office to process the application.
Applicants must leave their passports with the Immigration Office during this period which will be returned when the application is completed.
For further information, please contact the Korean Embassy, an overseas Korean Consulate, or the Immigration Office in Korea. (http://hikorea.go.kr )

Immigration Online Service

E-Application, http://www.hikorea.go.kr

To make it further convenient for all foreigners to live in Korea, the Korea Immigration office launched its E-Application Service on various transactions such as Application for Extension of Stay, Part-time working Permit, Change of Status and many others. Foreigners like you do not necessarily have to go directly to the Immigration Office in Mokdong to conduct any transaction you wish to make. Instead, you can do it without going there by simply applying online.
However, before conducting any transaction, you have to be a member first by merely filling out the form. Once you become a member, you can easily perform any transaction you wish to make. Furthermore, required documents can be scanned, attached, and sent online as well. With regards to the payment, you can pay the required fees through mobile or your debit card. Feel free to visit Korea Immigration Service homepage at http://www.hikorea.go.kr The following are the steps on how to be a member.

  • oin the Immigration online system by clicking the word JOIN.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the agreement and the private policy. Then check the boxes below if you wish to accept them.
  • Fill out the form and click the confirm button.
  • Enter your login ID & Password. You are now ready to do any transaction you wish to make by just checking on any item on the application category