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Yonsei and the Christian Spirit

Yonsei University is an institution of higher learning founded on the principles of Christian spirit and strives to motivate its students to become contributors to the nation and humanity in the interests of truth and freedom. Yonsei's emphasis on "Truth" and "Freedom" in its founding philosophy and university motto is based on the Gospel of John. "Truth" here is understood to refer to not only the words of God, but also the research and teaching missions of Yonsei, whereby the university pursues excellence in research and a leading role in academic innovation. "Freedom," in turn, taken from the words of God, indicates a life of genuine freedom achieved through the pursuit of honorable thought and righteous action.

Founded upon the principles of Christian love and sacrifice, Yonsei hopes to instill its graduates with the motivation to pursue the study of truth and the spirit of freedom, as well as a responsibility to the nation and to the world.

Major Programs
Chapel Services

Two sessions of chapel services are held every day from Tuesday through Friday. Chapel for English speakers is conducted on Friday at 10 a.m. at Shinchon Campus and Tuesday at 10 a.m at Songdo Campus. These services include prayers, sermons or lectures, music and various forms of experimental worship. All undergraduates must attend chapel services at least one hour a week for four semesters. Once a semester in May and October, a joint chapel service for all students is held. Graduate students, staff and dormitory residents also have separate chapel services.

Bible Studies
<Sinchon Campus>
Faculty Bible Study
   Instructor : Chaplain Jai Kook Cho
   Date : Every Wednesday
   Time : 16:00 (4pm)
   Place : Luce Chapel Seminar Room 113

Staff Bible Study
   Instructor : Chaplain DaeSung Lee
   Date : Second, Forth Wednesday of Every Month
   Time : 12:00 (12pm)
   Place : Wonilhan Hall 101

Students Bible Study
   Instructor : Chaplain Rohun Park
   Date : Every Tuesday
   Time : 17:00 (5pm)
   Place : Wonilhan Hall 211

Yonsei Monday Praise Worship
   Place : Wonilhan Hall B101
   Date : Every Monday
   Time : 18:00(6 pm)

Underwood Prayer Meeting
   Place : Statue of Dr.Underwood
   Date : Every Monday
   Time : 8:00(8 am)

<International Campus>
YIC Faculty Staff Bible Study
   Instructor : Chaplain DongHwan Kim
   Date : Every Wednesday
   Time : 12:00 (12pm)
   Place : Libertas Hall A 408

YIC Student Bible Study
   Instructor : Chaplain Meehyun Chung
   Date : Every Thursday
   Time : 17:00 (5pm)
   Place : Libertas Hall A 408

Thursday Night Yonsei United Worship

   Place : Rm301 at Vision Hall
   Date : Every Thursday
   Time : 18:30 pm

Panel Discussion
   Date: In the First Month fo the Semester
   Theme: Discussing a Specific Subject connected to
     Christian Life

Underwood Prayer Meeting
   Place : Oratory(Rm 115) at Songdo Dormitory A
   Date : Every Tuesday
   Time : 7:00 a.m.

Understanding Christianity Courses

Undergraduates are required to take three credit hours of Understanding Christianity. Students can select from one of the following three courses that are offered each semester: Christianity and Contemporary Society, The Bible and Christianity, and Christianity and World Cultures.

Special Services and Retreats

Services on Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Sundays; Commencement Ceremony; Retreat for All Faculty and Staff; Retreat for Students.

Yonsei University Church
Yonsei University Church is the central place for the spiritual life of the Yonsei community. The ecumenical, non-denominational and community-based church is open to everyone. In a setting of academia, the University Church strives to fulfill the intellectual and spiritual needs of its members. The worship format is based on a traditional liturgy. The sermon is alternately given by prominent guest speakers and chaplains. A nationally-renowned organist plays the pipe organ, and the choir is mostly composed of music majors. Important Sunday programs include the Worship Service (11:00 am), that is simultaneously interpreted into English, Sunday School (11:00 am), Bible Studies (10:00 am), College Group Service (14:00 pm), and English Worship (17:00 pm).
Luce Chapel
The Luce Chapel was completed in 1974 by a generous donation from the Luce Foundation and subsidiary funding from the university. Won Il-Han Hall, the annex to the Luce Chapel, was completed in November 2006. Luce Chapel is renowned for its beauty that implements modern architectural style, while displaying traditional Korean and Christian concepts. The building is used as the headquarters for the Office of Chaplaincy and hosts the sanctuary, prayer room, classrooms, and offices.
Most official university ceremonies, worship services and religious meetings are held in this building. It is located between the Student Center and Severance Medical Center.
Global Ministry
Each year, about 4,000 international students enter various programs at Yonsei. The Office of Chaplaincy works closely with the global community creating various faith-based programs for them, such as the following:

Yonsei Global Service (Sun. 5:00 pm, Luce Chapel)

YGS is a global Christian community for not only international students and faculty but also the Korean community. This church body was established on Yonsei's founding principles of truth and freedom, bringing together different people and cultures under the banner of Christ.

Yonsei Chaplaincy is considering the following ideas:
   Ecumenism as cooperation among diverse mission societies & Catholic,
     Orthodox, Protestant Churches and other worldwide communities.
   Gender mainstreaming for Gender justice.
   Inter-religious cooperation for Justice, Peace and Integration of Creation.
Office of Chaplaincy, Yonsei University 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemoon-gu, Seoul,
Tel: (82-2)2123-2036~8 Fax: (82-2)392-1131



Exchange/Visiting Programs
Intl. Summer School
Winter Abroad at Yonsei(WAY)
Underwood Intl. College
EastAsia Intl. College
Graduate School of Intl. Studies
Global MBA
Korean Language Institute
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