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The fact that Yonsei graduates are unusually successful in media and particularly in broadcasting may owe not a little to its vibrant campus media, lead by the Yonsei Broadcasting Station (YBS), which has, indeed, served as the principal venue for aspiring broadcasters. The place YBS occupies among campus broadcasting clubs in the nation remains unchallenged, as it boasts numerous rewards in various competitions, as well as a list of former YBS members who have become renowned broadcasters and journalists. YBS also hosts various programs such as the “Banquet in the Woods,” held during the campus festival in May.

If YBS has obviously greater presence through its daily broadcasting (made three times a day) and festivals, the weekly campus newspaper Yonsei Chun-Chu, with over a half century of history (it was established in 1953), has been the bulwark of campus journalism and an efficient channel for those hoping to embark on a career in print journalism. Yonsei Chun-Chu covers school news, editorials, updates on current events and articles by students, as well as contributions from professors and alumni. It also hosts annual Yonsei Cultural Prizes to encourage those students dreaming of winning fame in the republic of letters.

The graduate students have their own Yonsei Graduate Students' Journal, which has functioned, among other things, as an open forum for in-depth discussions on various issues related to different disciplines. The Graduate Students' Journal is open to outside contributors, as well as to the members of the university. The monthly Yonsei Annals, which offers review of events on campus and of national events, is the official English-language journal of the university.

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