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Yonsei University The General Student Club Union
The General Student Club Union is comprised of about 60 joongang dongaris(중앙동아리) (registered and approved university-wide clubs). There are also another 160 college-affiliated clubs. Special organizations, such as YBS, Yonsei Maeji Broadcasting Station (YMBS), Yonsei Chunchu and Yonwon News, are operated separately.

What do students do during their free time? A survey done by the university revealed that four out of 10 students (38.3%) spend their free time participating in various club activities. Clubs offer students the opportunity to discover and fully express their potential, and often times, their experiences shape their career choices.

Joongang Dongaris (Registration-Approved, University-Wide Clubs)
* Room - S: Student Union Building, M: Main Auditorium,
   T: Temporary Room near the Baseball Field
Club Since Main Activity and Purpose Room
ADCUS 1995/03/01 Study about an advertisement and make an advertisement M 302
Agape 1957/09/19 Has worship, studies the Bible, and spreads the gospel by doing volunteer work M 111
ALC 1973/11/07 Conducts exercises that focus on listening to AFKN; studies English appropriate for broadcasting S 310
Avenante 1985/05 Mixed choir T 2-3
Chum Pae Tal 1973/09/01 Korean Traditional Mask Dance M B19
Club Seowoo 1980/09/01 Learn how to wirte calligraphical letters(Chinese characters as basic, and also Korean traditional alphabets) and holds exhibition M 105
Cometogether 1995/04/01 LGBT community in yonsei M 304
Eagleeagle 2001/05/01 We are the central bowling club, eagleeagle. Anyone that loves bowling from Yonsei can join!  
EAGLES 1982/03/02 The basball club with people who do love playing baseball and enjoy it M B12
EUPHONIA 1988/06/23 An amateur orchestra that performs regularly M B22
FC YONSEI 1992/03/02 Football Club YONSEI S 413
Giwoo-Hoi(Yonsei Baduk Club) 1983/03/01 We enjoy and study baduk(Korean traditional board game). On the other hand, we hold baduk competitions. M B14
Glee Club 1984/09/01 Male Choir T 1-3
Hanasai 1982/05/11 Provides traditional taekkyon skills M 115
Hangeulmulgyeol 1967/10/06 Corrects misusage of the Korean language; runs a free bulletin board M 203
HARIE(Hip-hop Attempts Real Innovative Effects) 1997/03/26 Learns and performs Street Dance. T 2-5
HARMONY 1970/05/12 For those that appreciate and play classical music M B09
IMPACT 2005/08/11 Amateur table tennis club  
IVF(Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) 1965/10/31 An evengelical christian fellowship practices 'whole gospel', which emphasizes the dual responsibility of christian for evengelism and social action on Yonsei campus. M B16
IYC(International Yonsei Community) 1995/09/01 Engages with international students studying at Yonsei S 305
Jayookyoyang 1969/10/01 Members of Jayookyoyang have studied humanities, especially philosophy. Jayoo of 'Jayookyoyang' means 'free', and kyoyang means 'sophistication'. Nowadays, we are studying various part of humanities regardless of boundary of subjects. S 323
Jazz Feel 2001/07/19 Popularizes jazz dance S 409-3
Jeung San Do 1984/03/25 Studies Eastern philosophy and Jeung San Do; practices Jeung San Do M 107
KUSA (The National Federation of Korea UNESCO Student Associations) 1965/10/26 Observes current affairs, hosts guest lectures and researches economics and philosophy S 322
Manhwasarang 1987/03/01 In this club, We seek for creating original comics with three mottoes, 'freedom', 'criticismfr', 'creation'. Although you can't draw comics well, There's no problem for join us. Not only drawing comics, we also seek for good friendship in this club. Here, you can make your college life more pleasant with people who have 'Love for comics' in common. S 308
MAY(Midi Association of Yonsei) 1994/09/13 Composing on MIDI, Performing our own songs S 304
MEDUSA 1993/03/01 Performs rock music and gigs every semester  
Mokha Society 1970/10/03 Study Group of Social Science and Humanities S 303
Mulsarang(Aquamour) 1985/03/01 An amateur swimming club T 1-1
New Man 1965/05/23 We are Catholic students. M B06
NTIZ( Not Trick, It's Zeal) 2004/09/01 NTIZ is the Yonsei University's one and only magic club M B13
Nulpoom 1961 Studies media, produces films and organizes related events M B18
Orpheus 1969/05/10 Performs classical guitar music S 402
PANTAZI(Yonsei Univ. Snowboarding team) 1997/03/28 Snowboarding is our key activity during the winter season. Students learn how to board, how to teach boarding and also how to have fun with others. We also have plans for the non winter seasons such as surfing and going on shop tours.  
Piano In Yonsei 2009/09/04 'Piano in yonsei' is a club for students with the love for piano to come to express themselves through music  
Prometheus 1987/07 Explores appreciation of movies and produces 8mm films M 205
Pungmulpae TTE 1980/06/06 Play the korean traditional intrument and learn korean folk song. M B08
Rotaract 1971/06/03 Volunteers regularly for district activities S 321
ROTHEMS(Run On THE Musical Stage) 2008/09/03 Where your "musical" dreams come true  
RRC(Recreation Research Club) 1966/09/03 Offers recreation information and organizes summer camping trips M 204
RYU(Rap in da Yonsei University) 2000/10/15 Only black music club in Yonsei where we create and perform hip-hop and R&B music M B11
Sanha Sarang 1988/04/06 Revisits historical scences and promotes cultural travel S 409-4
SCA(Student Christian Association) 1886/09/01 An evangelical missionary group; leads a faith movement. M 110
Seeall 1991/11/01 Learns about the world through newspapers S 409-5
SEIUM 2006/03/17 Does volunteer work together, mainly the activities comes from Habitat for Humanity(HFH).  
Si Jak Gyo Sil 2010/02/10 Study korean and computer with temporary employee  
So What 2001/03/05 Spreads jazz culture S 403
Titans 1999/01/01 An amateur icehockey club T 2-1
Tongilhanmadang(Unification spot) 2002/10/22 Unification of North and South Korea M B10
Traditional Music Society 1975/05/02 Club of korean traditional ochestra S 405
Ulrimtuh 1983/09/05 Provides great music and street performances M B21
UNSA 1951/10/05 studies international issues and holds seminars M 202
Whawoo society 1968/09/21 Amateur art club; holds regular exhibitions M 114
YAAA(Yonsei Amateur Astronomical Association) 1985/05/23 Everybody has romance on seeing stars. That's what our club is about. We go on a trip for seeing stars monthly and do seminars weekly. S 406
YARRA(Yonsei Amateur Radio Research Association) 1978/09/05 Amateur wireless communication club S 404
YAYAN 2003/03/01 a ca ppella' club. We pratice singing a ca pella through weekly meetings and music camp. T 1-2
YCC(Yonsei Computer Club) 1970/03/01 Learns computer skills and organizes exhibitions and competitions S 309
YES(Yonsei English Society) 1981/05/24 Studies English and performs plays in English S 315
yonsei basketball club 057 1994/05/07 Offers basketball and competitive games regularly T 1-4
Yonsei Boxer 2002/03/12 Boxing  
Yonsei Buddhist Association 1967/03/01 Provides studies of Buddhism gain self cultivation through studies of Buddhism and have opportunities of temple stay. M B17
Yonsei equestrian club 2005/08/24 We are who love horse, and are here to experience this special hobby together. Anyone can join us, and no need to worry even though you have never rode horse before!  
Yonsei Kichun 1992/03/02 Practices and spreads Kichun, the traditional martial arts of Korea, and studies human body on Korean traditional viewpoint. S 316
Yonsei munhakhoe 1958/09/24 Yonsei Literature Club M 109
Yonsei Skin Scuba Diving Team 1968/12 Educates members on diving and takes regular diving trips M B07
Yonsei Tea Club 2000/11/18 Learn about tea and Korean tea ceremony, build fellowship M B04
Yonsei Won-buddish Association 1983/06/06 Studies and spreads Won-Buddhism M B05
Yonsei Yacht Club 1981/04/03 We sail in Han-river on every weekends, go summer sailing camp in summer vacation. M B15
Yonyoung 1966/10/06 Group for photography M 106
Youth Hostel 1973/05/12 Promotes travel culture M 108
YRC(Yonsei Red Cross) 1967/08/30 Hosts seminars and serves as volunteers S 317
YTARC(Yonsei Theatrical Art Research Club) 1953/03/01 Studies and performs drama S 407
YUAC(Yonsei University Alpine Club) 1954/07/04 Mountain climbing and regular hiking  
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