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Graduate School of Law
Graduate School of Law, Yonsei University
50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, Korea
Tel: 82-2-2123-3803 or 3804
Fax: 82-2-362-6606


The Graduate School of Law was established in 1994, initially in response to the increasing cases of international intellectual property rights disputes. The first of its kind in Korea, the school specifically aims to provide advanced study in legal systems and the technical aspects of law. In addition, the school prepares its graduates for the complex social and legal problems they will encounter after graduation, such as the social needs that arise from the transition into an E-commerce-based society. Recently, the school expanded to open programs in the Law and Business Administration, Criminal Law and Justice, and Antitrust Law.

The school's curriculum is designed not only to enhance basic knowledge of law but also to provide technical and legal knowledge to adapt to the changing trends in Intellectual Property Law (Industrial Property Law and Copyright Law), Business Administration and Law, Criminal Law and Justice, and Antitrust Law.

The school offers a five-semester Master's degree in law program and a two-semester non-degree program. Our instructors are recognized experts in the areas of law, industrial engineering and business administration, with experience in leading government and private agencies.

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