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Medicine | Nursing | Dental Hygiene

Wonju College of Medicine is based on the protestant spirit with fundamentals of democracy education. We teach and study critical theories and applications of medicine and educate leaders who will contribute to the development of country. Therefore, the followings are goals that graduates from our school will achieve.

1. Medical professional with great personality based on the protestant spirit
2. Medical professional with great ability who will be responsible for the first hand medical treatment immediately after graduation
3. Medical professional who will contribute to community and medical development
4. Medical professional who is qualified as great researcher and leader

In order to realize those goals:
1. Integrated the medical study courses from 2 years of premed and 4 years of regular course into a 6-year medicine school to uniform the separated curriculum and conduct continuos and related education.
2. The curriculum in basic science field should focus on medicine related contents rather than existing pure basic science.
3. Emphasize on language education to read foreign books easily and have basic quality as researcher who also could do international exchange.
4. Provide lecture on medicine ethics, medicine law, medicine statistics, medicine sociology, legal medicine, behavior science, dentistry to educate not only knowledge on medicine but humanity with wide range of education.
5. Utilize the training hospital fully and effectively for students to have early clinical training so that they could feel pride and learn right attitude as medical student. The students could be responsible to do the first hand diagnosis with full clinical experiences before they graduate.
6. Try not to give cramming method of teaching but block-lecture to eliminate overlapped lectures as well as to give systematic and effective education.

Wonju College of Medicine is leading the true education based on the education idea of Yonsei University with clear education goals. We also have good counseling and facilities to help students to decide their future career. Students also can meet and exchange information with seniors and alumni in the training hospital. Christian Hospital, the affiliated hospital has 1,000 sickbed and considered as the number one hospital in middle area. It provides training opportunities for all students who wish to get trained.

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