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1. Educational Philosophy

1) Educational Purposes:
Pursuant to the Christian spirit and the democratic education on the basis of truth and freedom, which is a philosophy of Yonsei University establishment, The Department of Dental Hygiene at Wonju College of Medicine of Yonsei University set its purpose to educate and grow the leading dental hygienists who will serve the community and contribute to the nation.

2) Educational Goals:
Based on Christian spirit, we provide the educational courses required by the professional fields of dental hygiene educator, researcher, public oral health provider and clinical expert. The students will be equipped knowledge, personality and skills so they can devote to an improvement of national oral health.
① Have a sense of duty and personality which will contribute to the national oral health.
② Practice skills with an organized knowledge and develop integrated academic expertise.
③ Develop ability to learn, study, and evaluate oneself.

2. Educational Policy and Curriculum
The Department of Dental Hygiene opens diverse curriculum such as Christian Religion and Personality, English, Introduction to Dental Hygiene Science, Clinical Dental Hygiene, Clinical Practice in Dental Hygiene, Educational Dental Hygiene, Community Dental Hygiene, Administrative Dental Hygiene etc. Education of our department a self-drived education and we provide integrated and problem-solving education. The clinical environment are performed in Wonju Christian Hospital of Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine and Dental Hospital of Yonsei University College of Dentistry.

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