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Established in 1958, the Department of Public Administration at Yonsei University pioneered the Public Administration program in Korea and has become a center for academic research and education in the field thereafter.

The Public Administration Undergraduate Program is one of the departmental concentrations for juniors and seniors at Yonsei University. After selecting Public Administration as their major, they have the opportunity to study major problems in contemporary publicpolicy and management by means of an inter-disciplinary approach.

The program is unique not only in its emphasis on the description of social and political reality, but also in its adherence to the foundational principle that rigorous analysis should be marshaled to enhance the well-being of individuals and society. Thus, the program combines the study of "what is" with "what should be"in the context of public and private affairs.

Contemporary public management demands a wide range of analytical and communicative skills. The program is designed to develop professionals who can use their educational experiences to work productively and effectively at all levels of public sector management as well as in research endeavors. The graduates of the program are expected to find themselves well equipped to work as managers and policy analysts in government agencies, public enterprises, non-governmental organizations (NGO), and non-profit organizations (NPO). However, the careers for graduates are not limited to the public or quasi-public sector. The managerial knowledge and skills acquired during theirstudy prepare the graduatesto be competitive for managerial positions in private companies as well. Our graduates have been quite successful!

The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students: 1) become effective and capable public administrators who are committed to public service and who keep high ethical standards 2) acquire knowledge of relevant theory and its application to public and private organizations 3) understand the political, social, and economic context of public administration, as well as have an awareness of its ethical and legal ramifications4) learn to manage and lead organizations with strong oral and written communication skills 5) acquire expertise in financial management, statistics, and computing 6) gain hands-on experience in applying qualitative and quantitative methods to public policy and management issues.

The Department of Public Administration attracts students who have a wide variety of interestsand enjoy various and exciting career paths after graduation. Students with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration can continue their education in areas such as Law, Planning, Public Affairs, Political Science, or Business Administration. For those who choose immediate employment, our program is flexible enough to provide the necessary background to begin a career in either the public or private sector. Graduates have worked in government, public enterprise, Congress, teaching, journalism, law, business, politics, non-governmental organizations, and many other fields.

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