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Based upon the Yonsei Spirit of Truth and Liberty, the Yonsei University College of Law, has endeavored for the creation of legal experts with excellence and decency, specifically “legal experts dedicated to the cause of democracy and justice” and “leaders with professional excellence and serving spirit.” Such products of Yonsei University College of Law have made substantial contribution to the making and enhancing the culture of law in Korea.

Implementing the University slogan “the Global Yonsei,” the Yonsei Law has actively pursued academic engagement on global scale in both aspects of research, and education, in collaboration with world prestigious sister and cooperating legal educational institutions including those in Europe, US, Japan, and China. The Yonsei Law has also continued to make efforts to establish “the Yonsei Jurisprudence in the World Law,” while providing the professional knowledge and perspectives essential to the advanced study of law in the global settings, within and outside the state of Korea.

The Chinese Law Institute was established in 2004 deriving from increased and intense interactions with prominent Chinese law academics. The Yonsei Law has also established joint research activities with such prime legal educational institutions in China as Peking University, and Renmin University. In 2005, the Center for American Legal Studies (CALS), another focal point in the study of US law, came into operation with the mandate of actively engaging in academic exchanges with prestigious US law schools, including Columbia Law School in New York. The Center for Law and Innovation, also established in 2005, is entrusted with the mission of delving into the role of law as an engine for social development in the modern society. In the area of global educational exchange, since 2002, both Dual-LL.M degree program and student exchange program for undergraduates had been in operation in cooperation the American University, and its Law School, along with the newly instituted 2007 Dual-LL.M. program managed together with the Washington University in St. Louis, US.

The Yonsei Law has continued its maximum efforts to be able to fully meet the demands for globalization, specialization, and information-based education, and to reshape itself as leading legal educational institution. In view of the commencement of the Yonsei Law School, and both the vision of “YONSEI-LAW,” SEGYE-LAW-meaning moving to the world through the Yonsei Law-, and the newly-set goal of placing itself as ”the best law school in Korea, and top 10 law school in Asia in the next 10 years,“ the Yonsei Law is exerting its best effort to be equipped with appropriate prerequisites in terms of both human resources and educational facilities.

The Gwang-Bok Hall, home of the Yonsei Law, is a 5 story state-of-art educational building with 2 more floors underground, commanding as far as 11,901 square meters. At the second underground level, parking facilities and rooms specified for student activities are in place. Big and medium-sized lecture halls, and the mock-trial convention room equipped with advanced inter-communal facilities are housed at the first underground level. Multi-purpose student room and additional classrooms are offered at the first level. At the second level, group study rooms, carrels and spacy study rooms for graduate students, and computer room are in place. Rooms and facilities for research and academic activities designed for the use of professors, conference events and Yonsei Institute for Legal Studies, are placed at third, fourth, fifth levels of the Gwang-Bok Hall. The Yonsei Law Library, which enables users to perform advanced legal research via access to documentary and electronical resources, resides in both the fourth and fifth floors of the Law Building. To equip itself with necessary resources and facilities essential to the realization of “the Yonsei Jurisprudence in the World Law,” the Yonsei Law has finalized its another plan to construct two additional buildings that command as much as 5,788 square meters. Moreover, the Yonsei Law provides an separate dormitory (Bubhyun-Haksa) accommodating around 80 students and reading rooms (Bubhyun-Daegwan, Bubhyun-Jae, Myungmo-Hun) with a view to assisting those preparing for Bar exams and other national exams. The Yonsei Law also takes pride in offering a wide range of grants and scholarships, including the Yonsei Law alumni association scholarship and the Bub-Hyun Grants. As of 2007, more than 40 % of the enrolled students are beneficiaries of at least one of the school-provided grants and scholarships.

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