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Line 2
Sinchon Station (신촌역)
Yonsei Main Gate
153, 161, 163, 171, 172, 272, 370, 470, 601, 606, 708, 751
Sinchon Subway Station
153, 163, 171, 172, 270, 271, 273, 472, 713, 602, 603, 6716, 7011, 7024, 721
Yonsei East Gate/Ewha Univ Back Gate/Yonsei Alumni Hall
606, 6714, 7017, 7024, 751, 7737, 161, 272, 370, 470, 601, 708, 9600, 9602
Airport Limousine Bus (from the Incheon Int'l Airport)
Bus No. 6011  
Cost: 10,000 KRW
Bus tickets can be purchased at the Passenger Terminal, located immediately outside of the airport doors.

* For more accurate information, please check the time schedule for buses at information desk within the airport. The first buses are usually 5am to 6am and last buses 10:30pm to 11:30pm.
Buses come in 15~20 minute intervals.

Taxi (from the Incheon Int'l Airport)
Regular Taxi (일반택시: Il-Bahn-Taxi)
Cost: About 40,000 KRW
Deluxe Taxi (모범택시: Mo-Boem-Taxi)
Cost: About 70,000 KRW
Note that deluxe taxis are black, as well as more spacious and comfortable

* The taxi fare may vary depending on traffic. The price listed above is the fare without traffic.

Before you arrive, please verify the location of International House or your destination on the map available at the following webpage(
Print a copy of the map to show the taxi driver.

Airport Pickup Service
Yonsei University has contracted a company, AIRHELP CENTER INTERNATIONAL, to provide an airport pick-up service for students and visitors to the campus. The fee is 75,000KRW, which is a special discounted price exclusively for Yonsei students. The standard price from Incheon International Airport to Yonsei University is 80,000 KRW. An on-line reservation system is now available on the company website below. Please make reservations at least 24 hours before arrival at Korea.

* Notice: Yonsei University is not responsible for any accidents or liabilities related to your use of AIRHELP.

Website :
Phone : 82-2-723-7873
Fax : 82-2-723-8353
Fare : 75,000KRW (limited to 4 people)
IYC Pickup Service

International Yonsei Community (IYC), a student organization created to foster the relationship between Yonsei students and international students, provides an airport pick-up service for students and visitors to Yonsei campus.

Services IYC provide
Pick up by two or three members of IYC at the airport
Accompanying to SK Global House by small van or airport limousine bus
Explanations about Yonsei University
Assistance with check-in at the SK Global house

If anyone coming through an exchange program needs this pick-up service, please contact us via email. Also, you need to send us following information.
Full Name
Home University
Flight Number
Place of Departure
Airport of Arrival
Arrival Date
Arrival Time
Destination (ex. SK Global House)
A recent picture of yourself (please attach a photo of yourself)

The total cost, including the transportation fee, will be $70 USD or 70,000 KRW in cash upon pick-up.

Reservation: IYC Council member
Email :
Homepage :
Facebook :
Twitter : @iycian

Exchange/Visiting Programs
Intl. Summer School
Winter Abroad at Yonsei(WAY)
Underwood Intl. College
EastAsia Intl. College
Graduate School of Intl. Studies
Global MBA
Korean Language Institute
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