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University Emblem
The "ㅇ" and "ㅅ" in the University arms are derived from the first letters of "연세" ("Yonsei" in Korean). The circle "ㅇ" represents the ideal of a complete and well-rounded person, while the "ㅅ" symbolizes the upward-looking pursuit for scholarly excellence. In addition, the "ㅇ" stands for Heaven; the "-" represents the horizon of the Earth; and "ㅅ" signifies "man," as expressed in the Chinese character (人). The open book stands for truth; the torchlight signifies freedom; and the arms, as a whole, protects these two core principles of the university
University Symbol
The university emblem pictures a soaring eagle, epitomizing both the historic traditions behind Yonsei and its spirit of ascendancy.
Yonsei University Identity
In 2014, Yonsei renewed the University Identity, with a fresh set of logos, emblems, and mascot characters that embody the institution's philosophy and vision for the future.
Yonsei Mascot
Yonsei is represented by the mascot of a soaring eagle and by the color blue. These two images, when brought together, conjure up the vision of an eagle powerfully soaring into the blue sky. The eagle, by inhabiting the sky (a symbol of truth), personifies at once the most reliable guardian of the truth and also the most free creature that calls the sky its habitat (thus living "in" truth). The color blue stands not only for the color of the sky, but also for an untainted intellect and a genuine idealism. Thus, the university mascot of the eagle and the school color blue faithfully represent Yonsei's guiding principles of truth and freedom.

The character image representing the eagle projects an image of strength, as well as friendliness, personifying the university's unique status in addition to its vision for the future. The first image below is the university's mascot while the other figures are adaptations for various athletic departments.

Logotype and Signature
The university logo and font were refurbished, and the "signatures" (combining symbol and logotype) in various languages are shown below.
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