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As of October 1, 2011
Academic Units
Undergraduate programs 95 Departments in 22 Colleges
Graduate programs   1 Graduate School
  9 Professional Graduate Schools
11 Special Graduate Schools
Research Centers 155 Research Institutes/Centers
Students (Unit: Full-time equivalent applied)
Total 28,148
Undergraduate students 21,480
Graduate students 6,668
Faculty (Unit: Number of Persons)
Total 4,416
Full-time 2,973
Part-time 1,443
*Excluding visiting professors, researchers and post doctorates
Employees (Unit: Number of Persons)
Number of non-academic staff Total 1,079
Alumni (Unit: Number of Persons)
Number of Alumni Total 260,620
Annual Academic Exchange (Unit: Number of Institutions)
Academic Exchange Total 618 institutions from 58 countries
Annual Budget (Unit: US Dollars)
Annual Budget
2011 Academic Year
Total 2,804,071,247
Annual Research Funds (Unit: US Dollars)
Annual Research Funds
2011 Academic Year
Total 264,317,733
Annual Scholarships (Unit: US Dollars)
Scholarship Budget
2011 Academic Year
Total 90,185,751
Courses Offered (Unit: Number of Courses)
Number of Courses Offered Total 6,327 (in the fall semester, 2011)
Conditions: Statistics above includes all campuses including two medical schools
Currency: USD = 1,179.00 Korean won (As of September 30, 2011)
Exchange/Visiting Programs
Intl. Summer School
Winter Abroad at Yonsei(WAY)
Underwood Intl. College
EastAsia Intl. College
Graduate School of Intl. Studies
Global MBA
Korean Language Institute
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