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Yonsei University Sinchon Campus is fortunate in having a large, quiet, and well-wooded campus in the middle of a metropolis of 12 million inhabitants, only 15 minutes away from the centers of government, business and culture. Yonsei University has grown from small beginnings to its present diversity, with 17 colleges and 17 graduate schools. The annual enrollment at Sinchon campus is about 30,000 students(as of April 2009).

The Sinchon Campus welcomes many international and domestic tourists who come to Yonsei just to visit and enjoy the beauty of the campus environment. Yonsei University occupies 250 acres in the western part of Seoul, Korea. The present campus was once the site of a royal palace during the Joseon Kingdom.

The campus is located in Sinchon, and three other colleges are nearby. Therefore, the Sinchon area has become the gathering place for young, hip college crowds. There are many trendy restaurants, shops and cafes. An upscale department store is within walking distance of the campus and connected to the Sinchon subway station. Yonsei University is located in the heart of Seoul, Korea, an energetic metropolis that offers an eclectic mix of traditional heritage and modern cosmopolitanism.

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