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Living up to its motto, "Yonsei, where we make history," Yonsei University has played a leading role in academic research and education for the past 125 years. Now, in order to go beyond being the nation’s best, and to become a venue for global education and research, Yonsei plans to establish its International Campus in the Incheon Free Economic Zone.


Servant Leadership, "Research Frontier," Innovation and Financial Stability, the three major goals of Yonsei Vision 2020, will be achieved with the establishment of the new International Campus. Unquestionably, Yonsei will once again be living up to its motto of being the first and the best.


Yonsei International Campus has the vision of becoming an Asian education and research hub through meeting the triple challenges of globalization, the need for advanced research, and premium education.

Chief Features

Location: IFEZ Songdo Area
Size: 614.654 m² (152 acres)
Opening Date
    - Partial Opening: 2010.3
    - Grand Opening: 2012.3
Campus Population: 5,000 individuals
                                 (4,000 students, 500 researchers, 500 faculty and staff)

Master Plan

Yonsei International Campus will be divided into three main sections with different major functions.

<Global Campus>
The Global Campus is an extension of the Sinchon Campus and plans are being made to establish new degree programs in globalization and other pioneering sectors. Certain degree programs that match the characteristics of the Yonsei International Campus will be transferred from the Sinchon campus. The Global Campus will also host an honors program, and Sinchon students can obtain a globalized education without having to go abroad.

<Joint University Campus>
The Joint University Campus is a designated area where programs with overseas universities - or the branch schools of overseas universities - will be hosted. It will serve as an East Asian base for overseas educational institutions by linking with Yonsei’s degree programs in the Global Campus.

<R&D(Research & Development) Campus>
In the R&D Campus, world class research facilities will be created with global R&D institutes in the BT(Biochemical Technology) and IT(Information Technology) sectors. The R&D campus will also connect with the programs offered by the Global Campus and the Joint University Campus.

Exchange/Visiting Programs
Intl. Summer School
Winter Abroad at Yonsei(WAY)
Underwood Intl. College
EastAsia Intl. College
Graduate School of Intl. Studies
Global MBA
Korean Language Institute
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